The “VAMVKAREIO” foundation, by AROGI

Two years after “Arogi” laid the cornerstone of its new social welfare project – a shelter Foundation for orphaned and destitute children with disabilities – the project has now been completed in the area of Avliza, of Acharnes Municipality.
This was made possible thanks to a substantial donation from a private Benefactor and long-standing supporter of the Association.
The Municipality of Acharnes granted to “Arogi” the use of a second plot of land, in Menelaos Lountemis Street, measuring 1,118.10 sq.m., on which the shelter was built.

The Vamvakareio Foundation, as the shelter will be named, will operate as a hospitality centre for orphaned and destitute children with disabilities, as otherwise these children usually end up in institutions that cannot support their needs adequately or are abandoned altogether, living – literally – in the streets.

The project’s first steps
Demonstrating beyond all doubt that private volunteerism initiatives seek to make an active contribution to the implementation of social projects, the grounding of the Foundation was set by His Beatitude Ieronymos II, Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, in a ceremony held on 11th February 2010.
Also attending the ceremony were : Ms Mari Kyriakou, ambassador of social contribution and volunteerism values; Acharnes Mayor Mr Panagiotis Fotiadis; “Arogi’s” President Ms Vicky Elliot; Ms Marinella, the famous Greek singer and friend of “Arogi”; members of “Arogi’s” Board and of its Team of Volunteers; officials; and many visitors and spectators.

The project’s total budget (construction and equipment) stood at €1.6 million.
The first major donation came from the “2006 Telemarathon”, an event organised by the ANTENNA Media Group, which brought €303,740 in donations. It was later followed by donations from Ms Marinella (€10,000), Ms Alexandra Chandris (€10,000) and Mr Yannis Amorgianos (€22,000).

Completion of the project, which will bear the name VAMVAKAREIO FOUNDATION – AROGI, was made possible through a substantial donation from a private Benefactor, who continued– in this particularly adverse period – to support the project’s implementation.
The fully equipped building was completed in September 2012.
During 2013 the Foundation will be handed over to the Municipality of Acharnes, having as main goal to locate a financing program by EC for people with disabilities, thus enabling the Foundation to officially launch its operation.

When fully operational, the Foundation will offer to orphaned and destitute children with disabilities a permanent residential environment that will include dormitories, creative workshops and group activity areas, classroom and speech therapy room, specialist medical station and communal recreation and sports areas.