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Good investments are also those that help alleviate human suffering

The voluntary social work that "Arogi has been offering up to this day, along with the new infrastructure that we have build and hope soon to become fully operational, present our goals: to assist in the smooth socialisation of people with disabilities and to support their families, while also helping those around us who are in need. We would like to invite you to participate in our activities as a volunteer. Thank you!”

“Arogi” – offering assistance where it is most needed

The voluntary social work of the charitable non-profit association “Arogi” dates back to 1995 and continues until today, driven by the generous support and selfless dedication of its members and volunteers.

Through volunteerism, “Arogi” is assisting families in need and destitute children with disabilities, seeking to improve their standard of living. At this point it should be mentioned that “Arogi” does not contribute money directly; instead, its volunteers “adopt” destitute families and undertake to help them meet their needs, at expenses borne by the Association.

We have completed construction of our Foundation for destitute children with disabilities

Two years after “Arogi” laid the cornerstone of its new shelter Foundation, for orphaned and destitute children with disabilities, the project was completed in the area of Avliza at the Municipality of Acharnes.

Completion was made possible thanks to a substantial donation from a private Benefactor and long-standing supporter of the Association.


You can support our work!

Today, the need for voluntary and economic support of Arogi’s social projects is even more necessary than ever before.

“Arogi” invites all socially aware citizens to join as members or volunteers!

Voluntary work is simply invaluable!

Volunteers contribute quality time (not necessarily money), whenever they are available to do so.

You too can contribute to the social work of “Arogi” – here’s how:

  • By making yourself available as a volunteer
  • By bank deposit, made to EUROBANK account no. 0026.0026.91.0200349684
  • By donating money to the Association on occasion of major social events or anniversaries


Thank you for considering helping the work of “Arogi” – in whichever way you can!



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