Our Needs

Due to the overall economic crisis, “Arogi” nowadays faces more difficulties than ever before, in order to meet the unexpected needs of families under its protection (residential and living condition costs, children’s coaching schools, hospital expenses for major operations etc.).
In addition, the Association also supports, on a regular basis, the persons with disabilities hosted in “Arogi” Day Centre.

“Arogi” welcomes all contributions to its work – Here’s how you can help:
  • By bank deposit, made to EUROBANK account no. 0026.0026.91.0200349684
  • By donating money to the Association on occasion of major social events (weddings, christening ceremonies, donations in memory of someone): this is another option to support the social work of “Arogi”.
  • By donating food, clothing articles (in good condition) or household items: upon arrangement, after contacting the responsible “Arogi” officer (Tel.: 210 8131487).