Who we are – Background and Social Work of “Arogi”

“Arogi” is a charitable, non-profit association, which relies on the self-mobilisation of its volunteers to assist those around us who are in need, in order to improve their standard of living.
“Arogi” is notified by State Welfare Services, the Church, Schools, local Municipalities and private individuals, about cases of people who need the support that the Association can offer.

Since its establishment in 1995 and thanks to the tireless efforts of its volunteers, “Arogi” has helped a total of 650 families.
Today, the Association provides support to 65 families on a regular basis (housing expenses & home maintenance expenses, payment of public utility bills, subsistence and clothing expenses, aid for heating expenses, hospital expenses, pharmaceutical care, children’s education, and financial assistance to destitute students).

Regarding its economic recourses, “Arogi” relies on the annual subscription fee paid by its members and on the donations offered by its friends and supporters.

Today, the Association has a total of 180 active members, who pay an annual subscription fee of €300 each.
Additionally, in order to meet the ever-increasing needs of the families under its protection, “Arogi” organises regular fundraising events and seeks to establish relevant collaborations.

It’s worth mentioning that during its long time operation ”Arogi” has been benefit by companies and individuals who have recognised the importance of its social work and wish to support it.